Organic Hair Color: The Future is now.


The Future is Now

Leonardo's Hair Design was the first and still one of the few Long Island salons to specialize in organic hair color. This is a new, breakthrough process in the hair color industry.

The organic coloring process--which is FDA-approved, containing certified organic ingredients--produces excellent, salon-quality results, while conserving the structural integrity of the hair. We purchase our organic color from  a well known and respected UK-based company which  produces long-lasting, ammonia-free colors that support a natural approach to treating hair.

“The best thing about organic color is what’s left out,” says Enrica, Leonardo's board certified hair colorist. “I’m using organic color about 95% of the time, and the clients just love it,” she adds.

What’s not to love? Organic color is: non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, predictable, causes no scalp stinging and no skin staining. It’s perfect for pregnant women, and great for those with allergies or damaged hair. All this, and it preserves the life, richness and shine of hair, and even has greater staying power than ammonia or ammonia-substitute-based alternatives. The fade factor is virtually eliminated, and it covers grey beautifully.

And don’t believe everything you read. Many products advertise low-ammonia formulations, but there has never been a hair-color solution that bypasses the use of ammonia entirely until now. Even vegetable-based hair color has chemical additives, so even if a product says that it’s “all natural,”  that doesn’t mean it’s “organic.”

“Organic color is especially great for clients that are pregnant, or for those with very sensitive skin,” says James Bilello, Leonardo's owner. “Organic color is much easier on the integrity of the hair. From blondes to reds, and rich chocolates to grey coverage, you’ll get the shine you’ve been looking for. It’s all about the shine,” he adds.

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