Organic Curl Systems- Permanent Waving




This innovative permanent curling system has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals to prevent any degradation to the hairs delicate structure.  Without the use of ammonia and thioglycolates, we can maintain the essential protein and moisture levels to produce a natural bounce and curl formation.  It is a gentle neutralizer system with plant amino acids and certified organic extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Comfrey for comfort and conditioning, which will leave the hair feeling natural and healthy.


"I love my perm.  It is the best perm I've ever had.  It is true to rod size and it didn't strip my color and left my hair shiny and healthy, without damage.  The curls seemed to last longer and they didn't drop out like past perms.  I have fine hair and the Organic perm has given me AMAZING results that I would not have normally gotten with other perms.  I feel a difference in the condition of my hair and lasting power.  It doesn't have a bad smell like other perms and the ends of my hair aren't dry either.  It truly is an amazing perm."  Janet S., Merrick, NY


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